Welcome to the Olympic Regional Contest

Important Dates & Times

Olympic Regional History Day

Monday, March 18, 2018, at Olympic College, Bremerton

Coordinator: Tom O’Loughlin                                                                                               

Marcus Whitman Middle School 1887 Madrona Drive SE Port Orchard, WA 98366           

School: (360) 874-6160             Cell: (253) 307-6797                       Fax: (360) 874-6440                

Email: oloughlt@skschools.org

Contest Entry Fee: $10.00 per student


Please write one check for all fees to the "Olympic Regional History Day Contest" and mail it to the following by February 27, 2019:

Tom O'Loughlin

c/o Jim Sawatzki

2917 N 22nd

Tacoma WA 98406


Welcome Students to the Olympic Regional History Contest!

All Historical Papers and Annotated Bibliographies must be uploaded on the Registration Page or sent to Tom O'Loughlin, the Olympic Regional Coordinator, by February 27, 2019, 9:00 PM. It is the same deadline for the Individual and Group Websites. NHD will lock the Websites on the same date, same time. The Websites will be unlocked after the Olympic Regional Contest is finished on March 18. Students presenting Historical Papers and Websites will be interviewed at the Olympic Regional Contest on March 18.

All other NHD Categories, such as Exhibits, Performances, and Documentaries will be presented at Olympic College, Bremerton, on Monday, March 18. Preliminary judging will begin at 9:00 AM and Finals judging will begin after lunch. The Awards Ceremony will take place sometime after 2:00 in the Gym that is attached to the Bremmer Student Center. Lunch may be purchased at the Bremmer Student Center. The Student Bookstore will also be open. Olympic College students will be on their Spring Break so some student services may be limited.

We are excited that you are participating in the NHD Olympic Regional Contest this year! We look forward to seeing your finished projects and talking with you about them.

Welcome Olympic Region History Day Teachers:

The 2019 Olympic Regional contest will be held Monday, March 18, 2019, at Olympic College, Bremerton. The registration deadline is Friday, February 22, 2019.

The deadline for all website entries and historical papers is February 27, 2019. Websites will be locked by 9:00 PM that night. I would like to receive the Historical Papers at the Marcus Whitman Middle School address above by February 27, 2019; please make sure my name is on the mailing.

Remember that all websites must be created within National History Day’s “Webbly” web creation system.  This means that all website students must begin by visiting NHD.org and constructing each entry within “Webbly’s” closed, intra-web system.  This is so websites can be viewed and judged uniformly, and so they may advance through the state and national contests. All category rules and directions are available for free download from NHD.org. 

The Washington State History Day Contest date and place are still being decided. The information will be sent as soon as those decisions are made. Thank you for your patience.

Our Regional Contest will run as in recent years, with classrooms in the Humanities and Student Services Building for the Exhibits, Documentaries, Performances, Historical Papers and Websites. The Awards ceremony will be held in the Bremer Student Center gym. The kitchen will be open for students to purchase food. 

All title pages for every category will now include a word count for the entry. This is an attempt to get students to be proactive in self-monitoring their compliance with traditional rules.  

Websites have two rule updates. All quotes and visuals must be credited inside the website in the same manner as are exhibits – on the page and in the bibliography. Also, student may embed a grand total of four minutes of multimedia into their website, divided into any increments they believe appropriate. 

Finally, NHD has ruled nationally – and I believe appropriately – that no project members may be added or replaced after the first contest. Coaches should have “heart to heart” conversations with any two-person teams, to assure each are equally committed to pursue History Day through regionals, past state and on toward national competition.  If one partner should bail, a two-person project would be disqualified from the next level.  Teams of three to five will hopefully survive a single deserter.

The 2019 Regional Contest entry fee will be $10 dollars per student since less money is needed for some costs. All schools are encouraged to have a building or district-based public display or competition, which may be used to identify projects worthy of regional competition.  

Each school building may have a maximum of five Individual Websites and/or five Group Websites.

I am still a rookie at coordinating our Regional Contest so I thank you for your patience. Jim Sawatzki and members of the South Puget Sound Region continue to help with their years of experience. I am very grateful to them. I will need help finding judges for the earlier Website and Historical Paper judging as well as for the judging and interviews on March 18th. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Please forward this information to any other teachers you know who are planning to have their students participate in History Day this year.Thank you for the involvement of your students and yourself in this meaningful program.

I look forward to seeing you on March 18th!



Welcome to the Olympic Regional Judge's Main Page.

Thank you, Judges, for your willingness to evaluate National History Day Projects for the Olympic Regional Contest. Please complete the Registration Process as soon as possible so I know which categories you prefer. We need judges to evaluate Historical Papers, Websites, Exhibits, Documentaries, and Performances. The student registration deadline is February 22, 2019.

Historical Papers will be submitted by students for judging by February 27, 2019, 9:00 PM. Students will upload the Historical Papers and Annotated Bibliographies as a PDF to the registration page or they will send the papers as an email attachment to the Olympic Regional Coordinator. The papers will then be accessed by or forwarded to the judges soon after the deadline so the papers will be judged and ranked before the Olympic Regional Contest. One of the judges will need to attend the Olympic Regional Contest to interview students about their papers.

Websites will be locked on February 27, 2019, before or at 9:00 PM so judges will have enough time to judge and rank the Individual and Group websites. One judge from each evaluation team will need to attend the Olympic Regional Contest on March 18 to interview students who submitted Websites.

Rubrics and judging sheets will be sent to judges for Historical Papers and Websites soon.

Judging for other categories will occur at Olympic College, Bremerton, on March 18. Judges are asked to be at Olympic College by 7:45 AM for training. Judging will begin at 9:00 AM. Judging for the preliminary round will finish by noon. We will ask if judges can stay until 2:30 for the final round judging, but that's not required of everyone. Check-in for judges, training, meeting, and general headquarters will be in the North South Conference Room at the Bremmer Student Center. A Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for all Judges and Volunteers.

The students, teachers, parents, NHD volunteers and staff are very grateful for your help with the NHD Olympic Regional Contest. Thank you.

Tom O'Loughlin, NHD Olympic Regional Coordinator




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